Gordon G. Gwillim


Joined the Department of Transport (DOT) in 1960.

Débuta au Ministère des Transports (MDC) en 1960.



 Message received from Gord Gwillim on 28 September 2022


Good morning Donald. Quite a long time since I made any contribution to this site. At one time I did send in a copy of the grad picture and saw it on the site a few times but it seemed to disappear later on. Is it okay if I send it to you by email? The site is looking very good which gives me a hint of how many hours your tireless crew have put in.

Yes, who I am, Gord Gwillim, joined DOT in August of 1960 as I recall. I was waiting for a call from Winnipeg district which never did come. My app. must have been lost somewhere. I signed up in Edmonton and was soon sent off to Ottawa for training. The ASTS school had been recently opened and I was placed in the third class. It was a great experience for me as a farm kid from Saskatchewan. My met instructor was Stu McLean whom I had grown up listening to on the Regina radio station giving the noon weather each day. I became a radio ham at age 16 and by the time I was in tech school, I was able to assist with the code instruction for the rest of the class. I still do most of my hamming on CW and at age 70 began to learn using the mechanical “bug” with my non dominant hand. My left hand had learned too many bad habits using right handed bugs over the years.

If it would be okay I will have my wife (computer person) send off to you the grad picture from the late December grad. ASTS 1960. 73 Donald……….. Gordon, VE5UJ



Good afternoon, Gordon. Sorry for the delay. I was away for a few days. Yes it would be OK for your wife to send me the grad picture. I am not sure why it disappeared from the website. I will make sure it is published again and I will create a page for you in the Alumni section. I do most of my hamming on CW just like you. I love QRP and I am a member of NAQCC. I learned morse code in the Navy when I was a radio operator onboard ships and submarines before I joined the Department of Communications in 1973.

Take care and 73 OM de VE2GW

Donald Courcy


Message received on 9 October 2022


Thanks for your response. I am attaching the picture I mentioned without the names. I am in the bottom right front row.

73 Gordon Gwillim VE5UJ and Peggy Gwillim VE5VJ


ASTS 1960 - Late december grad picture

Gordon Gwillim is in the bottom right front row


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