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Passed Away in 2021

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Décès en 2021

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Joined DOT in 1956 - Retired in 1990.

S'est joint au MDT en 1956 - A pris sa retraite en 1990.


Frank is from Brigus, Newfoundland. His great grandfather, Thomas Gushue crewed with Capt. Robert A. Bartlett, "Sailing Master and Navigator". "Bob" Bartlett was the captain of the "Roosevelt" for Peary on his last 2 expeditions towards the North Pole -- 1905-06 and 1908-09. Prior to that, Bartlett's uncle John had served with Peary from the early 1890s. The Bartletts were from Newfoundland. Frank's grandfather and father also sailed as engineers with Captain Bob Bartlett.


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(Source Frank Gushue Sep 19, 2004)




Frank Gushue joined DOT as a radio operator 1956-57 and took Met training on Bloor Street in Toronto. There were no vacancies for a while for postings and they were left at Bloor Street for six months where they got a good meteorological grounding. He worked at Muskoka Radio Range before going North to Pond Inlet and Frobisher. He spent the longest time in the North at Clyde River (1957-59) where he was replaced by Alex McQueen. He recalls working Stan Surber, W9NZZ while at Clyde River. After Clyde he went to North Bay where he was with Frank Ryan and Frank Adams. Vern Stroud and Ed Hancock were also at North Bay with Frank.

While at North Bay Frank had applied for two competitions and was offered two jobs. He chose the Aircraft Radio Workshop in Ottawa and reported there, at around the same time as John Gilbert, in March 1960. 

Frank remained with the Workshop into the early 70’s when he moved to the Ground Training School. He gave a course at the school on avionics for the last 17 years of his career retiring in July 1990.  Since 1990 he has been teaching robotics and microprocessors at Algonquin College.




Station Stamps from the Frank Gushue Collection

The Muskoka Stamp (May 31, 1957)
Muskoka is near Gravenhurst, Ontario. "It seems to me that Toronto (YZ) monitored Muskoka (QA) Radio Range. Remember the twilight N, predominate A, etc. I worked at Muskoka  for about a year before going up North. I believe all the four course Radio Ranges are now obsolete. Muskoka is a beautiful resort area".

(Frank Gushue, December 4, 2004)

Toronto Aeradio Stamp (November 21, 1958)
"A scan of  Toronto Aeradio Date stamp. I used HP Deskscan ll. The image views nicely in Corel Photo Paint 5.0."


(Frank Gushue, December 2, 2004)

North Bay Radio Range Station Stamp (January 12, 1960)

(Source: Frank Gushue)

Obituary - Avis de décès

Frank Gushue

August 21, 1937  -  February 24, 2021

In Loving Memory

It is with sadness Frank's passing is announced.

Frank was born in Brigus, Nfld. to his mother Fanny and father Bart. Frank was predeceased by them his sister Joyce and brother Tom. He is survived by his wife Sandra, sister Lorraine and brother Rupert.

In his younger years, Frank enjoyed teaching robotics at Algonquin College.

He was loved and will be greatly missed. For those who wish, a donation to the Shriners' hospital in Montreal would be appreciated.


The Ottawa Citizen - February 27, 2021


Saddened to read that Frank has passed away. Frank and I moved to Ottawa in March 1960, he from North Bay and I from Toronto, to work at the Ottawa Aircraft Radio Workshop. We worked together at the workshop. We kept in touch in recent years by telephone. My condolences on your loss. 

John Gilbert

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