Terry Gibson


Radio Operator (RO) in the Department of Transport (DOT) from 1956 to 1960.

Opérateur radio (RO) au ministère des Transports (MDT) de 1956 à 1960.


I was a Department of Transport (DOT) Radio Operator (RO) from 1956 to 1960. Stationed at Embarras, Whitehorse and Aishihik aeradios. I have not lived in Canada since 1961 so have had very limited contact with any DOT friends. I now live in southern California and I have not even visited Canada in nearly 20 years, since my family are mostly gone.


Here is my email address:   tvgib@yahoo.com   If anyone remembers me it would be good to hear from them.


In a blog from Milt Watts, he mentioned handling death messages to a couple of ROs. I was the addressee of one of them, at Embarras. My father had died. That was in December 1956.


Keep up the good work.


Terry Gibson

21 May 2012

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