John J. Gibbs


Worked for 32 years as a DOT Radio Operator (RO). Retired in 1997.

A travaillé pendant 32 ans comme opérateur radio MDT (RO). Retraité en 1997.


I worked for the DOT for 32 years as a radio operator. I retired in 1997. And worked at VAF, CYKA, 4YP, VAJ, VAI. Here is one of RO class 33 Ottawa Jan 1965.


John J. Gibbs, VE7BDQ

30 March 2020

DOT RO class 33 - Ottawa - January 1965

Photo courtesy of John Gibbs

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This picture was taken when I was at Alert Bay BC /VAF  We guarded 2182 and 500 kHz safety and distress frequencies plus handled all the traffic to and from Bull Harbour Radio /VAG via CW. Plus collecting weather reports from light stations which we placed on the met teletype circuit or ship messages to the telex landline.

John Gibbs

10 April 2020



The radio room on Ocean Station Papa / 4YP in 1967



A radiosonde release from Ocean station Papa in 1967 by two met techs, names unknown.



The radio room at Prince Rupert / VAJ in 1972

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DOT RO class 33 - Ottawa - January 1965

DOT RO class - ASTS Ottawa - 1964