RCA AT3 Transmitter

RCA AT3 Transmitter

from Milton Watts



Walking through the local Aviation Museum I noted this and took a picture. I thought this is one piece of equipment that should be in your site possibly under Systems, Tools & Equipment,  DOT radio stations


Milt Watts

October 23, 2013



RCA AT3 Trasnmitter

2.5 - 20 Kcs

2 channel,  300 watts, CW MCW AM

Push to talk or Voice Operated Carrier.


At Cambridge Bay we used VOC. When working one particular HBC station it was necessary to keep blowing into the mic. As soon as the carrier dropped the HBC station would  immediately respond.


When I started  as a tech in the Edmonton workshop we were rebuilding AT3 transmitters. Stripping down removing all wiring, repair or replace components and put in a new wiring harness.


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