The Automated Applications Directorate (DAA) in 1993

of the Federal Department of Communications (DOC)

This DAA photo was taken by John Brebner / CRC on May 3, 1993

Submitted by John Kluver on March 15, 2013

(John Kluver is the gentleman in the gray suit sitting at the table, fourth from the right)

Standing in the back, from left to right

François Guillot      Carole Diotte      Maryse Brière

Maggie (Smith) Lackey      ???????      Colette Tremblay

Lucille Donegan      Maurice Drew      David Carnegie

Octave Bélanger      Suzanne Dinelle      Elie Chahine

Joanna Donkin       Marcie Wright       Mark Hanrahan

Judy Vilon   ???????

Sitting at the table, from left to right

Lucy Lanthier      Sylvie Roy      Jihad Harb

Steven Dale      Mary Racine      Denis Benoit

Bob Jones     Mary (Chatterton) Sarsfield      Jane Slinger

Bob Lithown      John Kluver      ???????

 Janet Deschenes


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