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Some of the Canadian delegation, including DOC and some industry personnel, at a plenary session of WARC '79. Third row back: Al Heavenor, Wayne Longman, Jeff Beddingham VE3BDA; Second row: Lorne Dougherty,_ Bud Punchard VE3UD (Amateur advisor), Al Adey, Don Fraser VE3CDF, Murray Hunt; Front row: Bob Eldridge VE7BS, Vic Decloux VE3LVD, Chris Siocos, Ed DuCharme.


It was shortly after WARC '79 was announced that your Federation asked the former Minister of Communications to include on the Canadian delegation an Amateur who could advise the team on Amateur matters. As a result, Bud Punchard VE3UD was nominated to the delegation. The choice of Bud could hardly be a better one. He not only had international experience and an excellent, lengthy background as an Amateur, but his business career in the telecommunications world and the work he did as chairman of the CARF Working Group enabled him to contribute fully to the work of the delegation.


CARF President VE3NR wrote the following to Bud:


"Dear Bud,

On behalf of the Radio Amateurs of Canada, I am writing to tell you how much we appreciate the work you did for us in preparing for the World Administrative Radio Conference, Geneva, 1979, and in representing us at the Conference as a member of the Canadian Delegation.


As a delegate to WARC '79, you faced numerous demands that were quite different and much more stressful than those normally faced in everyday business at home. Then, too, you gave months of your valuable personal time to do all this work. Your contribution to the future of Amateur Radio has been very great.


We thank you sincerely for all you have done.



W.J. Wilson VE3NR



A vote of thanks, too, on behalf of the members and executive of CARF, and for that matter, all Canadian Amateurs, to members of the CARF WARC '79 Working Group for putting together the genuine Canadian proposal for Amateur frequencies which was submitted to the government committee on WARC '79.


Members were Tom Atkins VE3CDM, Steve Chisholm VE4AI, Frank Merritt VE7AFJ, George Davis VE3BBW, John Henry VE2VC, Ralph Hindle VE2BMH, Cary Honeywell VE3ARS, Warren Huget VE3RU and Art Stark VE3ZS. Secretary was Doug Burrill VE3CDC.


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